Streamer for Beolab 5

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    Hello everybody,

    I‘m going for a dedicated streamer next month. At the moment I‘m running an Apple TV 4K. Plugged in via an audio/video splitter by Feintech to work with my Beosystem 3.

    I think the Bluesound Node N130 is my option. Wiim Pro could be the 2nd place.

    Anyway.. how would you connect it? My Beosystem 3 is in a different room. The Beolab 5‘s are connected via MK2 Powerlink. Here are the options:

    1 Beosystem 3 Digital SPDIF im and use the DAC in the BS3(?).
    2 Beosystem 3 analog in to use the Bluesound DAC.
    3 Bluesound direct to the BL5 with digital in to use the BL5 DAC.

    Please let me know. I would try every option. But If you tell me you would always feed the BL5 digital I would consider a streamer without a DAC.

    Thank you!

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    I have posted much on my system and 3rd Party equipment into the BL90s.

    The issue comes down to perceived value (price, quality, usefulness etc) and how you wish to connect it?

    1. Whatever you buy, connect directly to the BL5. Im very cynical that “beovisions” and “wide-body” Beolabs go together well sound-wise.
    2. Do you want to connect via Analogue (RCA) or Digital (CoAx). There are pros and cons to each.
    3. What are you listening to? Ripped music on a NAS, Hi-Res Streaming or something else?
    4. Try and trial equipment at home if you can. The control systems (more often not iOS controlled) vary.
    5. The BL5 may need the volume cable connecting and possibly a dedicated Beo4 for volume??

    Equipment (from my experience)

    1. BS Core. Currently EoL,  full B&O integration but relatively poor in terms of streaming quality. Muffles the sound of the BLs like Beovisions
    2. Auralic Altair G1. EoL but good bargains now. internal DAC and RCA Output, add a HDD, Killer app and takes Qobuz, amazon, Tidal (Spotify HiFi once released). I have a Altair connected to BL17’s. works fine.
    3. Auralic Aries G1. Top quality. Digital Coax out, Wifi receiving Streamer. Otherwise as the Altair. Again, lots of bargains out there.

    Highly recommend whatever you go for (Core/Auralic/Other), that you know the controls, operability’s and limitations. Almost anything at the cost of the BS Core or above…will blow the Core out of the water sound-wise with the “wide-body” Beolabs. Loss of integration is the price.

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    Thank you for the detailed reply!

    First of all I will only go for hi-res streaming via Qobuz.
    The Core wasn‘t my first choice. I think a third party option is better in this case.

    RCA or digital is the question.. I think the most usable option is RCA or digital to the BS3. This way everything stay the same. And I don’t need any cables in the living room.

    Used equipment would be an option here! I‘ll take a closer look on the Auralic stuff. I‘m willing to spend 1.000€ on this project.  Thank you so far.

    I need to say I am not „scared“ to pay the  price of usability loss if better sound is what I get.

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    You maybe can keep some integration.

    I have a BS3-based BV9 (European version with scarts) and a BC2 (equiped of a coaxial SPDIF output) connected to BL5s.

    My products are connected to AV2 and BL5 as per the Blue/Red arrows.

    You maybe could connect your streamer as per the Green/Orange arrows) on AV5 and affect this input to an auxiliary source of your BS3.

    My guess is that BL5 prioritize the coaxial input for signal processing and that the PL are used for volume control.

    Just my 2 cents if it may help.





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    As a previous owner of a Beosystem 3 and Beolab 5 I strongly recommend not to rout the audio signal via the Beosystem 3 if you are looking for the best sound. The BS3 does always “something” to the audio signal.

    The biggest challenge leaving the Beoworld is volume control if you feed a signal straight to the BL5. There are some work arounds, I ended up with a Core with a optical converterbox and a powerlink connection to the BL5. The TV and the core shared the BL5 Powerlink input via a Almando Powerlink Switch.

    Now with my new BL50 much much easier….hope to have my new on order Linn streamer soon.

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    Hi, after the wise advice of  Mr10Percent, I use an external streamer / DAC , the Wattson Madison connected with RCA cables on my BL50.

    With Harmony as a streamer (chromecast, airplay…) the sound was cold and weak in comparison with the sound of the Wattson Madison (very very analog sound)

    It’s night and day, I discover how these speakers are capable.

    Now they sound so good … The midrange is rich and expressive, the bass fascinating, and the high frequencies silky smooth

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    I just ordered the Bluesound Node for testing some stuff. When it is here I will share my results.

    The BS3 has no SPDIF out like the BV9. This would‘ve been the best method. I need to try all connections and see what is the best option.

    I guess the digital In will win by far. But we will see.
    I let you guys know! Thank you for the help. I keep this thread alive for other beoworlders.

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    The BS3 has no SPDIF out like the BV9.


    BV9 has no SPDIF out. This TV is in fact a Beosystem 3 packed with a plasma screen and a center loudspeaker.

    If you refer to my schemes, the digital connection to BV9/AV2 is used to send the multichannel signal of Beocenter 2 to the internal processor of BS3 for DVD playback.

    You could make a test without the SPDIF connection to AV5 and have a single connection between Node and BL5:

    • Selecting AV5 on BS3 in order to control Volume with your remote,
    • Direct SPDIF connection from Node to BL5 to feed it with the digital signal.

    Kind regards,


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