New product launch – beosound theatre?

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      Is there an aux input to connect old soundsystem like beocenter 9300 or beosound 3000…?

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        from the spec sheet…


        1 x HDMI eARC with passthrough 4K 120FPS / 8K 60FPS / 40Gbit
        Analogue audio in via USB-C
        (3.5 mm passive jack adaptor required. B&O partno. 6271374 )
        Ethernet switch with 4 x 1Gbit ports.
        One port assigned for LG OLED TV connection for integrated control via Beoremote One and Bang & Olufsen App



        Yes, there is an analogue audio input via the USB-C port, this needs an adapter from B&O (part number 6271374).

        This cable will connect from one of the Powerlink outputs of the Beosound 9000 or Beocenter 9300 to the 3.5mm line adapter:-

        Please set the Beosound/Beocenter volume to a high level (50-75%) to give you the full range of volume control from the TV remote or B&O app.

        You then just need a Speaker Sense Adapter for the Beosound 9000 (this plugs into the other Powerlink socket on the Beosound 9000 to allow it to accept commands from the B&O remote control without having B&O speakers connected):-

        Kind regards, Steve.

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          Strange : in the PP Garcia video, in the room you have two wall mounted setups, but one has a bit more aluminum underneath the Theatre, looking a bit too bulky imho (the setup at the right) and the other has the Theatre with a normal amount of aluminum underneath… maybe it’s the difference between fixed wall mount and motorised wall mount…

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            I’m not 100% sold on the aesthetics, but this is the most exciting new product from B&O… maybe ever. The ability to build a proper atmos system with speakers going back 20+ years and add any TV you want – that’s not a game changer, that’s the whole ballgame.

            This is what I’ve been waiting for. Now they just need to make some better color options. I definitely need to see the smoked oak in better images.

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              Looks like Rocketeer  flying reversed or some sort of Art Deco Snowpiercer…

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                It looks like you can have 8 wired speakers through 4 powerlink sockets and 8 wireless speakers.  I was hoping for more powerlink sockets but I think I can work it out with my two BeoLab 14’s if I scrap the center and subwoofer channels.

                Why use USB C for analog in?  This doesn’t make any sense to me?  They’ve always used the mini plug before…


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                  the motorise wall bracket setup places an aluminium arm underneath the Theatre – thats probably what you were seeing.

                  So that is different from previous motorised wall mounted BVs, where the motorised bracket / arm was all behind the screen…..

                  In this setup, the bracket / arm wraps underneath the Theatre….makes the whole thing a bit bigger

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                    the dark oak looks very nice – at least in the AR Experience app.

                    Though yes, the images are not super high quality

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                      Personally I can’t imagine anything missing that we have been waiting/asking for 🤗


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                        Any idea on the price for the floor stand?


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                          Here some ideas on prices. They are no bargain

                          – Floor stand €2400

                          – Wood finish €1000


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                            both motorised brackets / stands (wall or floor) are 2800 euro.

                            Yes, the wood cover is 1000 euro – same as for current BV’s I believe.

                            There is no static floor stand yet – maybe STB later.

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                              I think thats right, its the product many have been wanting.

                              And glad to see they have gone with a full solution, and not made any big compromises and left important stuff out.  Only 2 PUC controls is interesting though. Fine for me (I need 1 to talk to my matrix)….but there may be a few wanting >2 PUC controls.

                              Waiting to understand matrix integration, and then I’ll replace my lounge BV12 with the Theatre plus LG, and next year my Avant with the same again.


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                                From the photographs, I prefer the straight-edge aesthetics to NOTO’s design: this looks bulbous by comparison to the almost-seamless integration in the Contour.  I had hoped their decision to rotate the lamellas vertical would lead to the “wings” for larger screens being slide-on lamella “tube-ends” fitting against the vertical seams in the aluminum bottom.  Alas wings are only the flat panels, and the soundbar bulge stays the same width.  The empty slot space between the bottom of the screen and the top of the speaker bar is unavoidable because of the LG IR receiver “tongue” (and various future-proofed compatible TV screens’ similar appendages), but again contrast the Contour (especially black fabric version where the screen’s IR receiver all but disappears).  The empty space stands out more with gold anodization and a screen with aluminum trim, i.e. LG 2022 versus ’20&’21.  (P.S. Did it bother anybody else that the lamellas are rounded on the bottoms and chamfered on the tops? [Edit: B&O mini-video shows this, but P-P’s video samples are chopped on both top & bottom.])

                                Neat how the rotating wall bracket adds the extra structure at the bottom of the bar rather than trying to use bolts into the rear of something which itself is supporting quite a bit of extra weight — but needs to be manufactured economically.  Contrast BV 10&11 where there had to be plenty of metal inside the edge moldings to accomodate the hinge attachments.  (Aww, no 77″ version?!?!  Just imagine what that would look/feel like in the room as this slab swings out to knock over your bird cage, sweep the desk, topple nearby floor lamps, create HVAC eddies… just kidding, but no 77″ wall bracket is no surprise.)

                                Looking forward to the Technical Sound Guide for this one… after the mysterious “four” patent filings get approved, I guess.  Let us pray for the firmware, because there’s so much room for slop when doing proprietary up/down mixing, vs. how is it “supposed” to sound with this movie or that, in this or that encoding from which streaming service, etc. etc, etc. ( Cf. Sennheiser Ambeo and the string of Sonos Arc updates, trying to fix complaints versus happy-campers.)

                                Related to previous comments, the tear sheet says “OR” for the various wing sizes, not “AND”.  As regards 8 PowerLink outputs, again the tear sheet is not clear enough: are 8 wireless AND 8 wired external speakers all supported? [Edit: P-P’s video answers: Yes. 16 external speakers allowed.] (Also the decision of what the superfluous internal drivers be doing?  Cf. Sonos Five tweeters in horizontal vs. vertical orientation.  Technical Sound Guide, here we come!)

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                                  From the support pages:

                                  “While Beosound Theatre features seven built-in channels (centre, left front, right front, left front up-firing, right front up-firing, left front side-firing and right front side-firing), it is also possible to connect to eight wired speakers using Powerlink, and eight speakers using Wireless Powerlink.”

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                                    I agree a fully framed single unit, like the BV11 / 14 and even Contour, look super coherent and elegant, in a way that is tough to achieve with a two piece.

                                    That said, I think they’ve done a pretty good job.

                                    If the speaker part also got wider with 65 and 77 inch panel sizes, the whole (wider) theatre would just be so very huge – remember, in the centre speaker array part, the Theatre is 6 inches deep.   Continuing that depth for 65 or 77 inches would be so so chunky, I woudl have (for me ) tipped over into unwieldy and inelegant.

                                    Otherwise, I also a intrigued as to how TrueImage and Atmos will co-exist. Having remained firmly stuck in the 5.1 era, it makes me rather apprehensive – but I suspect it will all be fine.


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                                      Concerning the 2 PUC only, where is it mentionned ?
                                      For me, with 2 PUC connectors, you can usually get 4 IR emitters (I’ve got double emitters on one cable), the TV has just to use the same connector for 2 PUC, and there houldn’t be any interference issue as you’re just sending one IR signal to one device at the same time (the general power off can be delayed between devices)
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                                        in the product spec sheet….

                                        PERIPHERAL UNIT CONTROL

                                        Integrated Peripheral Unit/Set-top Box Controllerfortwounits,allowingyou to control set-top boxes with the
                                        Bang & Olufsen remote control

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                                          I understand the BeoRemote One is compatible with the Stage and Theatre, does anyone know if the Halo works too?

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