Iconic Pre-2012 that you’d never sell?

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      What iconic pre-2012 B&O do you still own, enjoy and could never bring yourself to part with?

      Personally I love my Beogram 3000 Type 5228 from 1972, looking at restoring to factory fresh so if anyone knows who restores and sells the covers I’d be greatly interested. Although I don’t use a landline much these days I could never bring myself to put away the BeoCom 6000, 5’s and hope my BeoTime never dies on me, love waking up to the sunrise and chimes when combined with the Lutron Rania, can’t imagine waking up in a more pleasant way.

      Almost forgot my BeoLab 8000’s

      So what’s yours?

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        • Burgundy

        I would never sell anything in my vintage collection.

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          • Netherlands

          My BeoMaster 4500. I really like that receiver, elegant and versatile.


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            Sooo many that I couldn’t part with but mainly would never sell my Beosound 9000 and Beolab 9’s.

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              Beomaster 8000 receiver

              Beomaster 5000 tuner

              My entire Beosystem 5000 (1980s)!

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                • Kent, UK

                Good thread idea. Most of my Bo (as my family call it) is old 80s and 90s hifi. I love it. My Beosystem 3500 is so understated, but in the evening when it’s illuminated (especially while playing a tape) it gives me a real warm glow to sit and look at it.
                My Dad bought a set when B&O were offering the 3500 BM, BC and BGCD with a Beolink 1000 and a pair of (oh dear) Beovox 3500 when I was about 12 or 13. I resented it to begin with because a) I was of the age where I knew everything and b) I was into 3 head tape decks with bias adjustment and stereo peak hold/vu meters. The simplicity of the Beosystem didn’t sit well with my understanding of what hifi was.
                However, I soon grew to love it. It was also because my Dad had to take a deep breath and let me go hands on – up until then we had a Beogram 1500 which I knackered the stylus on when I was little…from then on I wasn’t allowed near that record deck.

                I love my Beosystem 2500 too. It’s stunning still! When I saw the opening to No Time To Die sure enough the Overture shows up and a grin dashes across my face!

                I’ve had and sold a Beosystem 5500, 5000 and 6500. I regret selling the 6500 the most. It was so elegant – and my first Beosystem with Powerlink. I bought that system with a pair of Beolab Penta mk2 speakers. I think I love them as much as my family!

                That generation of B&O was stunning. So elegant, magestic and exciting. And, I’ve said this to many people over the years, but the hifi from B&O built at this time all has the same familiar smell from the rear grills. I could sniff out an 80s or 90s B&O stereo blindfold!



                  • Warwickshire, UK

                  I too am an 80s/90s B&O fan!  Two things I wouldn’t sell:

                  • My spare Beolink 5000 – I need it for when first one fails! 😀
                  • My white Beogram 6500 – won here on Beoworld in the Dec 19 Xmas Prize Draw, and previously owned by Sir Roger Moore of 007 fame!  It’s actually in a box at the moment whilst we are in a rental, but will be back out as soon as house prices crash and we buy somewhere new to live!



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                    Guy I remember that competition and you was the lucky winner, I’m in love with that turntable the Beogram 6500 in white is quite possibly thee most contemporary out of all the Beogram’s for a modern interior, currently have a 3000 but the white 6500 is next on my list and you have the best one out there, clean with Sir Roger Moore has a previous owner, I’m envious and hope you’re able to get it back out once Moore.


                    Oooh, great thread!

                    My Beosystem 3500 has been my “daily driver” for nearly two decades and I love it! I can’t see that ever leaving (I already have a stock of replacement parts ready “just in case”!)

                    If I can ever find a really nice 1970s Beocenter 3300 then I would also keep that, as I had one as a teenager and have always wanted another one.

                    I also suspect that Penta mk.3 will always have to feature in my life unless B&O can come up with a modern replacement…

                    Kind regards, Steve.

                      • Warwickshire, UK

                      and hope you’re able to get it back out once Moore.

                      Brilliant … made my evening! 😂😀

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                        • Beosystem 10, currently hanging with its beautiful wall bracket in my parents’ kitchen
                        • Beocenter 7000, I remember playing with it when I was a kid, I was fascinated by the remote control, and the ability to jump to a specific point during the cassette playback. It was incredibly precise.
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