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      Hello there,

      i have the opportunity to buy a Beovision Horizon 48 at 2500 € to replace my good old 2010 Beovision 10-40.

      is it a good price ?

      i know lots of people don’t like the picture quality on the Horizon but i think it’s a more modern tv with lots of hdmi, puc, 4k,…

      Beovision 11-46 or 11-55 are too expensive here in France.

      what do you think ?


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        I paid a bit less, but ballpark similar. Seems a good price to me.

        I am quite happy with it. In my view superior to the Contour as it supports WISA. I understand why people complain about the picture quality, but can live with it.

        One big watch-out though. I did factory-reset after buying the Horizon. Unfortunately, it does not allow me to log into Google. See my thread below. This is also confirmed by a Reddit post (not created by me). If you have the chance, I would test whether this works for you. If not, this is a massive issue (at least for me). Most importantly, this prevents me to use chromecast and spotify connect…

        BV Horizon – Cannot log into Google

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          Thank you Steve, and thanks for the advice.

          The problem you unfortunatly have with google account is not a important trouble for me because the tv will be connected to an internet box that will give me the tv and multimedia services.

          So i will not use the smart tv options with apps.

          And i’m an apple and deezer user so i will not use chromecast.

          I also love the electronic curtain, the B&O UI and the wifi and wisa options

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            Mine is also attached to an ATV, so I thought it wouldn’t be an issue. Not having Chromecast and Spotify Connect is still annoying. It does prevent me from fully using the TV as an audio device. When streaming through the ATV, you need to manually turn on the TV before streaming audio. If your interest is video-only, this wouldn’t be an issue.

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              Price sounds about right. The Horizon does have a bit of a following and I never have one in stock for long if it’s priced sensibly.

              Can’t believe the 11-46 is more expensive than the Horizon 48 in France!  The 11’s here in the UK are crazy cheap now…

              I do quite like the Horizon. Very good image quality, decent sound – but they just don’t scream “premium'” like the 11 does, in my opinion.


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                Agree with you. It’s more subtle than the BV11, which I actually find more premium. I like the metal grill, so no complaint from me about it looks. And of course the curtains 😉

                Do you have any experience with Google not allowing me to log in? This issue is really killing me and B&O support hasn’t been helpful to me (except suggesting to take it to a dealer, which isn’t easy for a wall-mounted TV of this size).

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