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    I have a pc, and prepare a NAS for media, linked on the internet-local-network with the BS5-BM5. And root everything through the ML network to other BO-devices in the house.

    Someone can tell me of one of these sofwares, Beoplayer, and Beoport can still be used on PC-W10? (I also have still a Beolink-PC2 if still useful .. to link on the ML network directly).

    I have the impression, those softwares doesn’t scan all ripped CDs. Tehy are in st same folder, but can’t be seen on the Beoplayer interface. Scanning doesn’t help.

    So I uninstalled it, then installed Beoconnect, and wiht MS-Media Player is see all of them, but the interface not really BO … And I can see the contents of the BM5 without logging on to it!

    I liked the remote design of Beoplayer, so is there some other “sexy -BO” solution to use on pc?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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