Beolink 5000 E-Ink screen repair / mod

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    This thread is meant to be the continuation of this thread from the old forum, to provide updates and support about this mod. As such, this post will mostly duplicate the first post of the original thread.

    For the last few years I’ve been the owner of (amongst other) a Beolink 5000 with a detached screen. Being an electronic engineer, I’ve spent some time looking for a viable (and cheap enough) way to repair the severed display ribbon cable, and found none.

    So a few months ago I’ve spent a fair amount (okay, the vast majority to be honest) of my spare time working on a screen replacement for my Beolink 5000. I was looking for an off the shelf LCD or OLED display panel with roughly the same mechanical dimensions as the original panel, hopefully transparent as well, but again I found nothing, except an E-Ink Display with possibly matching dimensions.

    For those who are not familiar with this technology, E-Ink displays are used on E-Reader tablets, have very high contrast without any sort of backlight, only requires electrical power to refresh the display (can keep a picture displayed without using any power), but quite slow refresh rate (it takes a few seconds to display a picture on the screen).

    So now having a potential way forward, I started designing a PCB that would fit in the (tight) space available in the Beolink 5000. This PCB would replace the original display controller and interpret the display commands sent by the CPU as if it was the original controller, including displaying “backside-readable” text on the front side. This was actually a bit harder than I originally thought, because a few hacks were used by B&O engineers to optimise the display’s function. For example “frontside-readable” text is indeed transmitted as text to the display controller, but some “backside-readable” characters are written pixels by pixel, so character recognition is required.

    The end result pleases me a lot, and restores all the neat 2-way features of this remote, despite the refresh rate being a bit on the slow side

    Features :
    – Single sided E-Ink display ( that was a given )
    – Can display all the original text and indicators (Thanks to Guy for describing to me the behavior of the some indicators on the original display)
    – Nice upscaled text display (each character is now using à 29*14 font instead of 7*5 on the original display)
    – Standby screen
    – Low power : power consumption, and therefore battery life should be similar to the original display.
    – Low battery indicator ( that one is new ! )

    Here is the remote displaying the standby screen :

    The PCB installed on top of the BL5000 upper PCB, in place of the original LCD controller IC :

    The backside is no longer translucent, and is made of a 3D printed part that holds the display in place :

    You can see the new display working on this video.

    I produced a batch of 20 kits, a few of them are still available, at the price of 60€ shipping excluded. ( I can also perform the installation on your remote, please contact me in PM ).

    A kit includes :

    • The E-Paper display
    • The custom PCB
    • The 3D printed “cradle” for the display
    • A small length of wire to connect to the VBAT signal.

    The installation requires some good soldering tools ( including a hot air station and a proper soldering iron ) and skills in fine soldering. The installation guide ( see link at the end of the post ) details the installation procedure. As of now this kit was installed successfully in around 10 remotes.

    Useful links :

    Installation guide v1.1

    Original thread

    The page of this mod on my website ( French )


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    ERRATUM : Bad wiring diagram in installation manual.

    There was a mistake in the section 6, about the signals connections on the MHS CPU. The RST pin was incorrectly placed.

    I apologize for this mistake !

    If you ran a jumper wire to the wrong pin in an attempt to make the connection according to this diagram, it does not seem to cause any issue, but it is better to remove it.

    The installation manual v1.1 contains the correct diagram.

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    I’m interested in this mod (check your Personal Messages).
    Kind regards,


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    I don’t even have a Beolink 5000 yet and I’d still buy one of these kits!

    Outstanding job! I followed this in the old forum and am genuinely very very impressed with what you have achieved.

    tentative question, what would it take to do something like this for the Beo4 – new screens are now down to NOS (New Old Stock) and will one day run out, I think the Beo4 is a corner stone of the B&O handheld controller line up and it would be a shame to not be able to fit new screens to broken models. You could perhaps even use more of the screen real estate with the source wording, add some B&O style icons for the inputs perhaps?

    Either way, thanks again for this amazing contribution to the community

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