Beolink 5000 E-Ink screen repair / mod

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      Amazing work! It would be fantastic to get my BL 5000s up and running again.

      I’d like at least one kit if they are still available (check your PMs).

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        Hi lumbergh,

        Sorry for the delayed answer, I a bit behind on my mails !

        Sadly I’ve sold the latest kit of the first batch, but I’m currently planning to run another batch ( components availability is a bit hit or miss right now, and prices have yet to come down ).

        I’ll announce here when the next batch is ready, stay tuned !

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          I´m also interested if new kit´s become available.

          Thanks in advance.

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            I am very interested in a kit, do you know approximately when you can deliver again ?

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              I apologize for having neglected this thread for the last few weeks. Although I was very quiet here, things were still happening ( albeit a bit slowly ) to run a second batch of kits.

              I have received this week all the parts for a new batch of PCB. I still need to program and test these PCB, but I should be able to resume shipments starting from the next week !

              Pricing stays at 60€ + shipping.

              Just like the previous batch, contact me in PM to order one.

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                Ich habe eine Beolink 5000 mit Displayschaden.

                Was kostet eine Instandsetzung  ?




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                  Hello Emma2,
                  I have contacted you by PM.

                  Best regards

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                    Hey Mathieu,

                    ich möchte nicht versäumen Dir auf diesem Wege meine besten Dank für Deine gute Arbeit zu übermitteln. Meine Beolink 5000 ist wieder voll gebrauchsfähig. Sie ist doch auch nicht durch die Beolink 4 zu ersetzen.

                    Du hast mir sehr geholfen, denn nun kann ich mein am 30.09.1994 gekauftes

                    Beo System 2500, mit dem Beogram 7000.zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit weiter betreiben!

                    Nochmals besten, besten Dank nach Frankreich, von hier aus Schleswig- Holstein


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                      I would like to take this opportunity to express my respect once again for the excellent work that has been put into the development and production of the kits by pilatomic.

                      Perhaps as a small suggestion for others who are doing the conversion themselves. To reduce the size of the window on the glass so that only the active part of the screen is shown, I painted the glass with black glass paint. To cover the transparent area, I use an automotive contour tape.
                      Best regards

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                        Great idea !

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