using remote for Radiostations?

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      im looking for dokumentation over BEO4 and Beomaster 5500 Amp+Radio

      how i can programming the radiostations ?

      Thanks a lot from Benarif

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        Have you tried to add the GoTo button on the Beo4? The may allow you to type in the frequency for the station you want.
        You may also need to add the Store button to the Beo4 also. Then you can store your presets to a number.


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          With the buttons standby and list add the following options:

          V.setup, Tune, Store.

          Then set the Beo4 to TV without receiving the Beomaster the signal. e.g. block the Beo4 with your hand. Press list Tune. Type the frequention of the radio channel. Select List Store type the number to store the radio station and type List Store again or Go. I don’t remember exactly.

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            ^ You actually only need to add V.SETUP.  It will only be available when on a ‘video’ source (TV, DTV, V.MEM or DVD), hence the need for the blocking procedure mentioned above.  The other sub-options (TUNE etc) are added automatically.

            Hence if I add V.SETUP to one of my Beo4s, and when on a video source press LIST to show V.SETUP and then press GO.  Pressing LIST again will then cycle through TUNE, PICTURE, STORE, CLEAR, BASS, TREBLE, LOUDNSS and S.STORE.

            EDIT:  For completeness and future reference:  In a similar manner, you can add A.SETUP which (for audio sources) will give you just BASS, TREBLE, LOUDNSS and S.STORE.



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