The BeoWorld Spring 2022 Prize Draw !!!

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      PrizeDrawBot Remote Log In – Version NG18235.9 – Activated

      Prize Distribution Circuit – Activated

      Prize Pile – Absolutely Marvellous!

      Draw Commences – 8.00pm UK Time (in 1hr 15 mins)

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        • The Netherlands

        Great & excited!

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          PrizeDrawBot Remote Log In – Active

          Status – Now at BeoWorld HQ

          Prize Draw Number Generator – Activated

          Draw Commences : Just under 1 hour…

          End of Message.

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            • Brittany, France

            Hi Botty,

            Happy to see you back  🙂

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              PrizeDrawBot Status – Draw Circuits running at two thirds of capacity and ready to generate some names and locations.

              Prize Status – All ready to be sent out across the world..

              Time Status – 26 minutes and counting until Spring Draw Time….

              Peter the Biker
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                • Eastwestfalia


                Let’s go!

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                  It’s the BeoWorld Spring 2022 Prize Draw in a few Minutes – so put down whatever you’re doing, go and grab a small flower in bloom from the garden, place it behind your ear, and look lively! You don’t want to miss the draw do you? Yes – YOU !!

                  I’m sitting with a cigar in one hand, a glass of fine wine in the other, and a large pile of prizes all waiting to be sent across the world. What lovely prizes they are too…. BeoWorld.. far too generous I tell you!!

                  So – you’ve got literally 10 minutes to get the jobs done… go, go, GO !!!

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                    Get the kettle on, crack open a beer, pour a glass of wine, throw open your windows and tweet back at the birds. After that plant some daffodils in the boot of your car, cut your lawn with a pair of nail clippers, then build a nest in your loft specifically for an Ostrich. Nobody reads this so I could put anything really.. Whatever.. the draw is imminent – hurry up !!.

                    I’ve just drawn the names and matched them up to the Prizes – so could YOU be one of our  lucky winners tonight?? Chances are, you are..

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                      The wineglass is not empty! 🤗

                      Keeping the fingers crossed! 😅👍

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                        Anyone fancy a lovely BeoWorld Prize?

                        The Honourable Sir Bottley of Bottington Manor is here in your very own HQ and is ready to launch prizes worldwide. It’s that time again when you all think to yourselves ‘How do they manage to do it?’ whilst you look at the prizes being given away. Well, i’ve no idea – really.

                        For £2.50 a Month, YOU can win any of these – every quarter. You’ll also be supporting the best site on the internet too !!

                        Back in just a few moments – I’m going to have a quick glass of Champagne, followed by a glass of Champagne, and another glass of Champagne… all to celebrate you Winning!!! (I Promise…)

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                          Ladies and Gentlemen.. a Spring Prize Draw will now start, right here, right now. We wish you the very best of luck.

                          Okay… here goes

                          10th Prize – a B&O Goodie Collection!

                          Here we have a lovely couple of little accessories for you! First up we have an official Bang & Olufsen USB Drive, all housed in a lovely little Bang & Olufsen presentation case – and secondly we have THE most beautiful little pin/button badge in metal featuring the classic B&O Logo, all in a lovely little velvet presentation bag! It’s the little things which make a lovely B&O collection that bit more special, and here are two of them. All yours if you win 10th..

                          Tonights first Spring Winner is..

                          Mr M. Laine (marpei) from Etelä-Savo, Finland

                          A splendid little badge this one – a genuine B&O trinket. Take lots of pics of yourself wearing it…. then put them on the USB stick! Perfect!!


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                            9th Prize – Bang & Olufsen Vintage Matchbox Delivery Van

                            In 9th this Spring is the highly collectible Matchbox Bang & Olufsen Delivery Van! Given out as Dealer Gifts to VIP clients back in the 1980’s they have become quite the collectors classic, both from the Bang & Olufsen perspective and the toy car collector too! One for the display cabinet, and a real keeper – and something we’re sure you’ll park in your miniature garage and take out only on high days and holidays. It’s pretty good on fuel, too!! All yours if you win 9th…

                            The winner is…

                            Mr I. Sesevic (Miki) from Västra Frölunda, Sweden

                            Jolly well done to you! Keep it clean and well serviced and it’ll give years of happy micro-motoring..


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                              8th Prize – Bang & Olufsen Official Spark to Icon Book

                              8th Prize and second out of the (rather heavy) bag this Spring sees a return to massage therapy for your poor postman and his aching back. Yes, it’s the literary leviathan that goes by the name of “Spark to Icon”. An official Bang & Olufsen publication charting the creation and rise of Bang & Olufsen from the Eliminator through to BeoLab 5 taking you on a multi-page journey through the history of the company we all know and love. A great read, and now something of a collectors piece. All yours if you win our 8th Prize…

                              The Lucky Winner is…

                              Mr K. Ruiter (beoservice_nl) from Utrecht, Netherlands

                              Well done, and happy reading!


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                                7th Prize – a pair of BeoPlay E6 Sand Earphones

                                In Seventh we have a pair of beautiful BeoPlay E6 Earphones! Thanks to a combination of finely tuned acoustics, design and ergonomics, Beoplay E6 offer rich sound with a very strong bass performance. You can easily tailor the sound to your own taste and preferences with the Beoplay app on your smartphone. Inspired by urban sneaker culture, the cord connecting the earbuds is encased in braided textile. The durable earphone housing is made from textured rubber and polymer, designed to resist sweat and moisture. The in-line remote comes with aluminium button controls. All yours if you win 7th this Spring!

                                The Lucky Spring Winner is…

                                Mr P. Neale (Paul Neale) from East Grinstead, UK

                                Enjoy your lovely new Earphones !!


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                                  6th Prize – BeoPlay H3 2nd Gen Earphones – Aluminium

                                  Need a compact travel companion – or someone to come to the gym with you? No, not a tour guide or personal trainer.. it’s a pair of Boxed ex-display Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 Earphones in the classic Natural Aluminium finish. Music to your ears (and other assorted poor jokes) and we absolutely know you’ll love these! The sound from these is as you’d expect from B&O – pin sharp, and they’re just as good for taking the dog for a walk as they are the daily commute.. and the Gym of course. Good Luck!

                                  The Winner is…

                                  Mr R. Turner (redroy) from Valencia, CA, USA

                                  Congratulations – what a great 6th prize. Happy listening !!


                                  Peter the Biker
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                                    • Eastwestfalia

                                    Listening to the Album by Steve Coulter “Northern Lights” I congratulate to all winners north to my place.

                                    Peter the Biker
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                                      • Eastwestfalia

                                      And prices getting hot in the stove (California) I congrat to the next winner …

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                                        5th Prize – BeoPlay H4 Wireless Headphones – Charcoal

                                        In Fifth this Spring we have a beautiful, boxed, ex ‘dealer-display cabinet’ H4 Headphones! As new condition and all ready to be loved. Connect them via Bluetooth to your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or PC and hear the rich and detailed Bang & Olufsen sound! We love the H4’s – they’re good looking, lightweight, comfortable, and they sound great! What more could you ask for?!

                                        The Fifth Prize Winner is…

                                        Mr A. Beitlich (Beitie) from Nicollet, USA

                                        Enjoy these great sounding Bang & Olufsen Headphones!


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                                          4th Prize – BeoPlay E8 Motion Earphones – White

                                          Another pair of beautiful BeoPlay E8’s we’re having the pleasure of giving away on the Prize Draw – and this time the ‘Motion’ versions, so here we go! Tuned by acclaimed Bang & Olufsen acoustic engineers, these wireless earbuds make no compromise on sound quality. They deliver sound experiences, designed to be as natural as possible. For perfect fit and audio performance, five different ear tips are included in the box. Intuitive touch interface lets you activate all your favourite features with just a tap on the earpiece. These include start/stop and change tracks, take calls, activate voice commands and more. You’re going to love these!! Yours if you bag 4th spot.

                                          The Lucky Winner is…

                                          Mr S. Pratty (sajpratty) from London, UK

                                          Jolly well done to you, and what a great 4th Prize – Enjoy!


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                                            The Prizes are getting more serious now – are you all excited? I am.. and I’m not even allowed to win a single one of them!!

                                            3rd Prize – BeoPlay A2 Active Portable Speaker

                                            In 3rd this Spring we have the perfect portable listening companion for those lovely Spring days (and evenings, and mornings..) in the form of an ex-dealer Demo Bang & Olufsen A2 Active Loudspeaker, finished in the lovely ‘Natural’ Colour Scheme. The sound which comes from these little boxes of power is truly incredible. They can literally fill a room with powerful B&O sound and make you wonder who hid the full sized stereo somewhere! All yours if you’re lucky enough to win 3rd this Spring. Good Luck!

                                            The lucky winner is..

                                            Mr M. Glôer (MaxX) from Frankfurt am Main, Germany

                                            What a Brilliant Prize – Congratulations – these are superb!

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