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      Firstly apologies that this thread is about a fix to a Samsung edge-lit LED TV. I thought it worth posting here because I understand that Samsung panels are fitted to many B&O TVs, hence there may be a few ‘lessons-learned’ for B&O TVs.  And there was no way I was going to join a Samsung forum!

      Anyway, the TV in question is my father’s 32-inch Samsung (specifically an UE32ES5500 – a full-HD ‘Smart TV’ that was released about 10 years ago). The picture showed an annoying brightly lit triangle in each of the top and bottom right corners – also these areas got particularly warm when in use.


      After some inconclusive YouTube investigation, several months ago I took it to pieces to investigate, and found this:


      The picture show the right hand edge of the Light Diffuser Sheet, basically a sheet of clever perspex that distributes the light from the LED strip on the right hand edge of the screen across the full width of the screen.    The corners fell out as I extracted the sheet – clearly the cracks had been reflecting the light internally and also causing the heat to build up.  For info, here is the actual LED strip down the right hand edge of the panel (perspex removed):


      After experimenting with glue, tape and even rotating the sheet through 180 degrees, I re-assembled it and stuck it in the cupboard as a ‘pending repair’ project.

      Unable to find a supplier of the diffuser sheet, I put a ‘search’ on eBay for the same make and model TV but with a ‘spares and repair’ filter.  Last weekend (some three months later) one came up on eBay just 20 mins from my house and I ‘won’ it for just 99p.

      Here’s the ‘new’ faulty one running with vertical fault lines as I had seen in the eBay advert.


      So today I moved the Light Diffuser sheet from the ‘new’ TV to my father’s and now have a fully working example – a very pleasing result:


      I did have a quick look for the reason for the vertical lines on the eBay TV, and found two ‘gungy/sticky’ areas on the connection edge of the screen – these align with the location of the fault.  I won’t look further into this as I have got what I wanted!


      Anyway, I hope this is of interest to Forum members despite being non-B&O.  I’d now feel much more confident about investigating simple panel faults in older B&O TVs.

        • Warwickshire, UK
        • Topics Started 15
        • Total Posts 1,281

        One other photo that make be of interest, showing the TV internals – there’s not much to them!


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          Great result!

          Gravity Graham
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            Well done..
            IF you have a problem where it won’t switch on – check the pwr supply diodes.. I’ve had a couple given to me that didn’t work – and it was quite often that 2 of the diodes had gone o/c… just sayin..

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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