Ouverture +Beolink passive?

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      I have a Beosound Ouverture, but I have no active speakers available.
      Now I stumbled on a beolink passive amplifer, but it does not have the IR receiver.
      I tried connecting it via a masterlink cable to a pair of passive speakers. I believe that “should” work?

      Red lamp is on all the time, but no sound.
      I was half expecting it to turn green when I powered up the Ouverture.
      I read about setting various options in the passive, but it seems like I need the IR reciever to access any setup via the remote. Any hidden controls inside the box?

      I do not need any remote control capabilites for the beolink passive as it will be in the same room as the ouverture. I just want a power amp to drive my passive speakers (as a pair of used B&O active spekers are quite costly)

      Any ideas?
      Would it help to get a powerlink cable instead of the master link cable?


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        you need only a 8-Pin Powerlinkcable from Ouverture to Passive.


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          Further to Nanoloop’s comment below – I believe that you will need the slightly thicker fully wired Mk2 version of the Powerlink cable in order to ensure correct on/off and muting function.

          Here’s an example as supplied by the site sponsor: https://soundsheavenly.com/powerlink-8-pin-din-connection/23-319-powerlink-mk-2-compatible-black-8-pin-din-cable-with-fully-wired-8-cores.html

          It’s worth checking with Steve that the Mk2 is correct – I am 99% sure 😀

          (EDIT:  Make sure that your disconnect the ML cable as it is not necessary in your configuration, and will probably stop the Passive from working correctly.  The Passive’s ML input is for the situation when it is powering speakers in a Link Room away from the main system, and in such a setup it would need the IR eye also.)

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            Just one more thing in order to better understand how the setup will work.

            The Passive is a device, that can be used in different ways.
            For your purpose it is ‘just’ an amplifier that drives your passive speakers.

            The sound signal (and the needed turn on/off commands) comes through the Powerlink MK2 cable – only one is needed.

            All controlling is done in the Ouverture directly or via the ir sensor there with a B&O remote.


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              Thank you all for explaining.
              I have ordered a Powerlink Mk II cable. Cost me almost as much as I paid for the Passive.

              And don´t worry, the speakers to be used are B&O – Beovox S45.
              Will update when I have verifed everything works.




              Sorry for the slow reply.  Yes, the mk.2 (fully wired) Powerlink cable is the one to use when the speakers and Ouverture are in the same room.  This way, the Passive should be used without an IR eye connected, as all remote control commands will come directly from the Ouverture and the Passive will function as a simple power amplifier.

              I’m always happy to help with any cables via my sponsor link below.

              Kind regards, Steve.

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                Thank you all. Now I have it working.
                Overture -> Powerlink Mk2 -> Passive -> Beovox S45

                The Powerlink cable was the missing piece. Masterlink cable was the wrong path for my setup.

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