HD Sat Module Beovision 7 40 vs 32

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      Hi all,

      I have a quick question: I have a Beovision 7-40 since many years, in use with a Sat Set top box. It is the Mk3, the first with HD resolution (1920 x …), having only the analog tuner.

      Now I would have the opportunity to get a rare Beovision 7-32, the latest model, also full HD, but equipped with the Sat Receiver.

      Is it possible to put this to my existing Beovision.7-40, are the specs the same?

      Thanks and a happy new year!

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        I am not sure whether the part is compatible, but even if it is there could well be a requirement for a dealer software update for the BV7-40 – see here: https://archivedforum.beoworld.org/forums/p/30066/239251.aspx#239251

        A more modern set-top box is likely to have a better user interface anyway, and possibly better performance especially if you are after DVB-S2 rather than DVB-S.

        EDIT:  Here’s the fitting guide that was referred to in that other thread:  https://beoworld.org/download.asp?file=DVBST-BeoVision7-40MKIII-fittingguide-eng.pdf

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          I cannot answer your question directly but here is my experience…

          I also have a Mk3 analogue only BV7/40. The “picture board” failed. It was replaced under warranty and then suddenly I had digital channels! I have often questioned whether there is a Sat receiver in there somewhere too? Short of connecting a dish and trying it I don’t know but via operation there is nothing to suggest that it is not there? It all behaves as if it is there. Unfortunately the digital freqs were changed a year or so ago so i have now lost the digital channels and of course there is no analogue so it is only useful for Chromecasting now?

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            Good afternoon,

            many thanks for the answers so far. Guy, you are completely right, the issue with sw update sounds logically, also have seen that in the manual (also many thanks!). Then I do not even try this procedure, unless there is anybody who knows how to perform the sw update and who has this tool. I am pretty sure that no dealer is doing this any more.

            Have a nice day



              the digital board (2boards) are the same for all even

              bv 10-32/40 but the holders and cables are different

              about sattelite or not the input board of digitaltuner

              is 2 different one with sattelite also, the analog

              tuner i s a separate board

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