Changing cloth on BeoLab 8000 > instructions?

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      I have several speaker grills for BeoLab 8000, but all with old, sloppy cloth. So I want to put new cloth on them.


      So what I am looking for:

      1. Good instructions for how to properly do the re-clothing. Including how to attach the cloth on the backside (glue, double sided tape, …) But also how to put the right tension on the cloth during attaching it to the grill.Etc.
      2. Recommendations for a good and affordable supplier of cloth.
      3. Any other tips.

      Hoping for great responses, thnx!


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          Thnx Chekler!

          Do you also have instruction info for putting new cloth on?

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            This thread may be of some help:

            If only the pictures were there too!  It could be worth asking Keith if he can find them, but I am not sure if this is possible.



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              The kit comes with general instructions.

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                Hi KolfMAKER, I posted some pictures a while ago when I fixed my BeoLab 8000s (and 6000s): Unfortunately the photographs have gone (as Guy said already) but I still had them. I did use fabric from that to me is very nice material. In my view the limited stretch works much better than panty material that seems to have infinite stretch, but also can get too thin when stretched too much. I used akustikstoff’s standard black (10) fabric.

                I decided to use double sided tape (HPX ultra mount tape) that is thin and very sticky to both the plastic of the fret and the cloth.

                My frames were quite bad with the top flap and some of the clips on the side loose. The vertical long strips of tape on the inside of the frames I positioned deeper to make sure the working of the clips is not affected.

                The flap in the top is the most fiddly part. But with a bit of patience the result will be much better than before. Hope this helps, good luck!



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                  Thanks so much Tignum (fellow Dutchman!) This is really good information and the pictures speak for itself; wonderful.

                  There’s two things I am curious about how you handle that.

                  1. I think I saw that you put the HPX tape on the length of the plastic grill, but both on the outside and the inside.
                    • Is that correct?
                    • Does it mean the cloth folds for about 1.5 cm to the inside of the grill, so also covering the notches? (Because B&O utilizes a very small edge where they stick the cloth, not covering the notches)
                    • If you make the cloth fold 1.5 cm how do you handle the the notches, so that they are not covered?
                  2. How do you handle folding the cloth (without wrinkles) around:
                    • The circle shape of the top lid?
                    • Around the corners of the top lid?
                  3. Did you order the cloth at by the meter, or pre-cut?

                  Thanks again, looking forward to your tips.

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                    Hoi KolfMAKER, I believe that’s three things :-)!

                    1. I indeed used tape on the inside and the outside, the cloth folds over the notches and covers them. I did it because I was afraid I could not cut clean enough to ensure perfect covering of the sharp edges of the frame. I did not put a lot of tension on the cloth that covers the notches and the cloth is thin enough to ensure that the notches still work. I actually think B&O welded the cloth to the frame.
                    2. it is just a bit of fiddling, the cloth is really strong. When you don’t push it down on the tape too hard at first, you can still peel it back off and correct. I am afraid that I was giving all my attention to the job and did not take too many pictures of it.
                    3. I checked, see below – it was pre-cut, enough to do two 8000s and two 6000s with.Naamloos

                    Akustikstoff have some info on their blog, with some images of results that look very good!

                    B&O Beolab 8000 erstrahlt wieder in vollem Glanz


                    I did once read here on the forum that getting the covers to fit back 100% perfect, even when just taken off, is not an easy task. Still I think that a nice deep black reclothed fret, even when the sides and the top lid are not 100% flush, looks much better than a wrinkled, sun faded but flush mounted original.

                    Maybe you can make a little how to when you take on the endeavour?

                    Good luck, Johan

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                      Thanks for your response Tignum, great info again!

                      Yes, I will do some reburbishment with Akustikstoff in the near future. I have several BeoLab 8000 grills with terribly looking cloth; wrinkles, holes, discolored, ect.

                      I do like the looks of Akustikstoff standard black, so that’s what it is gonna be. And I am sure it will look better than the original.

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