BV Horizon Audio out of sync

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      I have identified a very odd issue…

      I am quite happy with my BV Horizon after various FW updates and modifications. I am using it with an ATV to watch movies.

      I also have a NL system with Shape, BS1 and other connected. Some of them with attached Essence Remote.

      Now my issue: When I watch TV and press “join” on my BS1 or other devices, nothing happens and the BV Horizon gets audio/video sync delay issues. What seems to happen is that it tries for he BV to join the BV audio stream, which as a result gets delayed to match.

      Is there any way that I can take the BV Horizon out of the NL system? One idea is to just disconnect it from wifi (which I may not need), but I was thinking there may be easier/better and less destrutive ways to achieve this.

      Any help appreciated!

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        Is this setting ‘on’ or ‘off’?



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          Excellent, thanks, this works.

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