Besound Moment battery replacement

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      Hi Beosound fan,

      My beosound moment juke box (The expansive tablet) was constantly rebooting yesterday (showing the logo, then dark screen and logo again). I tried to reset it (just the juke box with the small pinhole on the top right corner) without any success. The beotool reports all is good and I am able to play music with the hub and the remote App.

      I left the jukebox  overnight unconnected to drain the battery and after repluging it this morning it wont charge and the screen is dark. The beotool reports all is still good and the hub still play.

      Could it be a dead battery after 5 years. I see that you can buy them online but how to replace it, anyone have done it, service manual?  any help would be appreciated.

      Best of music today!

      Keith Saunders
        • Hampshire, England

        It could be the battery given you say it drained when left overnight.

        If you do decide to change the battery the instructions of how to do it are belowMoment 1

        Moment 2

        Moment 3

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          Wow Keith, really appreciate your time in providing this screenshot. This may seems the back wood casing that need to be remove?  Do you have this page of the service manual as well, sorry to abuse your kindness but I don’t want to damage the nice wood, I don’t know how to safely remove it.

          If the service manual is available somewhere, I will gladly take it as the juke box is not powering up even when connected, so it might be a bigger issue than just the battery,




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            I would also be extremely keen on an image of the page that describes how to remove the cover —or perhaps, from the drawing, the front glass (!)— so that one can get to the step of battery removal.

            Thank you in advance,

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              Never you mind.  I found the video on the old forum:


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                Where can you buy the replacement battery please?

                Mine has been changed by a sympathetic dealer but a time will come when I will have to sort this myself. Thank you

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                  You can find it on amazon but for me the problem was the overheating board.

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