Beovox MS150 re-foam surround on woofer and subwoofer

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    Hi Beoworld,

    I need help with a pair of Beovox MS150 that need re-foam of the woofers and subwoofers.

    I have the service manual with a technical drawing of the parts, but there is no instruction on disassembly.

    I have pulled the woofers and subwoofers out of the cabinet, but how do you remove / disassemble the plastic rings / frames on top of the units?

    Are they glued to the baskets or just sort of clicked in place?

    I do not see any taps to pull to remove the frames.

    Best regards,


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    They are just an interference fit. Once the drivers are out, give them a tug or a gentle tap with a hammer and they’ll pop off.

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