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      My 7-40 Mk5 has a network port, but I’m unclear whether it’s worth running a network cable to that room – it really depends what it can be used for.

      I need to get Dreambox added to the PUC table. If I can do this myself with a network connection, then it’s worth doing. If it needs dealer intervention, then there’s little point running the network cable, and the question becomes:

      • Does the dealer have to come to my house, with all the expense that involves, or is it practical to take the 7-40 to the dealer?

      To clarify – I live in Worcestershire, and the nearest dealer is 18 miles away in Cheltenham.


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        That network connection is just for the built-in disc player – probably for updates and the additional content, that some times is offered.

        I have never seen anyone connecting to the network there.

        Yes, you will need a technician for uploading new PUCs.           Personally I would not want to unmount and carry the tv part to a dealer, that is only 18 miles away.

        I would ask him how much it will cost and let him come, when he maybe is nearby anyway.

        As for the PUC for a Dreambox, I have no idea – are you sure, that it can be ir-controlled?


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          Thank you, MM.

          Moving the TV is something that doesn’t really bother me. However I’ve noticed that B&O dealerships tend to be located where you can’t legally park nearby… and carrying the 7-40 a long way might not be a good idea!

          Well, I currently have the Dreambox 8000 controlled by my Avant DVD, and it works great. I just assumed that if it was supported on the old Avant STBC, it would be supported on the PUC. I guess the dealer can check that easily, though.


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            The Avant DVD had the STB IR codes on a replaceable chip (so you had to change the chip to get new codes), so you can’t necessarily assume that the dealer can upload from the same database to a newer TV, but fingers crossed that is possible.  Searching some of the old forums it states that Dreambox use the same IR codes for all their devices, so if 8000 isn’t available it may well be worth the dealer trying a different model, perhaps even an earlier model.  I would take the Dreambox to the dealer as well so they can test.

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              Good idea, thank you, Guy.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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