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      I have a Beovision 6-26 with a software problem. I was exploring the service menu, I must have activated some option, the TV showed a message saying it was going to restart. After restarting I never accessed the settings menu again. I cannot access the SCART connections, nor the options for sound, image, etc. Simply the menu key of the command does not work, and I have already tested it with another BEO4 command.

      I think I enabled the BUSINESS TO BUSINESS extra service option in the service menu. After the TV restarts, you can no longer access any TV menu.

      I would appreciate if you could tell me if there is any way to reset the TV.

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        Perhaps you put in V.OPT 0, where it doesn’t respond to any IR commands.

        To set back to V.OPT 1, with the TV in standby (red light):

        On the Beo4, press the POWER button and LIST together.  Then press LIST until OPTION is shown, press GO (centre button), and then press LIST to show V.OPT.  Then press 1.  The power light on the device will blink to show that it has been accepted.

        Then try MENU again and see if the TV responds.

        Alternatively, have you tried MENU 0 0 GO to get back into the service menu, even if you don’t think the TV is responding to MENU?

        EDIT:  MENU 0 0 GO should still work in BtB mode, and should then allow you to disable it.




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