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      I have a problem with my beovision 14. It is impossible to use ANDROID (not possible to set up an account and nothing works). It is impossible to update android. In addition, the beoone works randomly. Perfect, it is possible to use iphone. The RADIO icon has disappeared from the BEOONE.

      An indie?

      Thanks ,


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        Hello Alain,

        You need to use two-step authentication to log in to Google, otherwise it just will not let you log in.  Then, you will need to update the software – then (in my experience) reset the TV to default and log in again.  After that, leave the TV for a day or two to ‘stabilise’

        The BV14 is a lovely TV, but… as with all B&O products of the era, it’s all about software.


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          I have a beovision 14-55 too. A wonderfull piece of tech. Love the design.

          But the android TV is shamefully stuck at I believe a version number of 6.x while google is already on the 1x upgrades. Last upgrade dates from a few years ago.

          Thus, the TV menu is old and dated and failing for streaming spotify, netflix… cause of the old software. Only Youtube still works.

          On other TVs of the same age a google update still works. Even possible to install the new google TV.

          I contact the BEO tech support… but no way to upgrade. Or they make themselves easy.

          So with a TV that costed a huge amount of money I’m obliged to buy a google TV dongle for easy operation.

          I just can’t get it. What a service.

          Didn’t want to flash it myself with a google TV.

          Hope maybe others did?

          Didier B.

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