Beovision 10-46 – how to open the case?

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      Greetings from Hamburg/Germany!

      I was an avid user of the old forum for many years during the early and mid 2000s – unfortunately, the old user database seems to have not been migrated to the new forum, so here I am as a newbie. 😉

      Although I usually tend to stick to the old stuff from the 80s and 90s, I am using Beovision 7-40s throughout the house, most of them MK5. Not even the first MK1 versions that I gave away to family and friends have ever failed me – they seem to be just as sturdy as the good old Philips-tubed MX7000s.

      Not so the Beovision 10-46 I have recently acquired. After a few hours, it started to display only colorful lines. Maybe the panel has given up, maybe some capacitors have leaked – who knows.

      Before I detach the speaker cover and throw the rest of the heavy thing in the next recycling bin, I would love to have a look inside.

      I consider myself relatively handy, but so far I have failed to open the damn thing’s back cover.

      There must be a trick, right?

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        Problem solved – an old man living in a cave full of ancient technology hidden away from the world occasionaly shares his wisdom in all things B&O with us mere mortals before he vanishes again for decades, and I was at the right place at the right time.

        So here we go: The internals are accessed via the front of the TV – at least in the case of a 10-46, in order to gain access, remove the screws at the bottom, then flip over and gently slide off aluminium frame and glass, and you’re in. Have fun.

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          HI All

          has anyone had a problem  with the Beovision 10-32 it turns on but no picture, I think there is sound ? the screen shows a very dim blue.

          any help would be greatly appreciated

          Kind Regards


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