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      I finally found a Beogram 8002 in good working condition!  I have a Soundsmith cartridge and phono preamp.  I would like to connect this to the auxilary in on my BeoSystem 4 and I was wondering if B&O has a RCA to BeoSystem 4 Din cable in about a meter length.?

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        They do – or at least they did.
        I use one myself (which is longer).

        However, you will have to ask a dealer, if he still can order it.


        Maybe Steve@SoundsHeavenly knows more.



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          Thanks MM.

          I’ve contacted my dealer and haven’t heard back from them yet.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they still have it available.  It’s definately not their standard DIN!

          I am very pleased with this 8002 as it has been refurbished and seems to work very well. This will be my second 8002 from eBay.  The first was nothing but trouble, and the old B&O repair shop around here (when we had B&O dealers) had it several times for different issues and the fix never lasted!  Probably needs a capacitor overhaul.

          It’s nice to have a record player again!


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            hi! it´s a mini din 9-pin on the beosystem 4

            Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-15 um 10.23.08


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              Thanks Beoandy!

              That actually helps! If I can’t get a cable from my dealer maybe I can get one made.  It looks like the mini 9-pin dins to make your own cable are a bit hard to find.


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                I have not used this supplier but here’s a cable:

                Add one of these for RCA:

                Otherwise I am pretty sure that B&O supply a mini 9-pin to SCART plug/socket – see the following details (with part numbers) from the Beolink Handbook (click image for larger picture):

                scart mini av

                Then if needed your could stick one of these on the end of the SCART:

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                  I’ll keep these options in mind.  My first preference is to use the minimum number of cables needed, but if I can’t find a stereo RCA to 9-pin mini din cable then I may have to go this route.


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