Beosound Moment and Beolink Wireless

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    Hi all !

    I am desperately trying to “air” my Beolab 5, linked today (and doing a fine job at it) with powerlink cables, with Beolink Wireless Transmitter / Receivers.

    Has  anyone already succeeded such pairing ?

    Pleeeeease, i am going crazy !

    • Beosound Moment functional
    • Beolab 5 functional with Powerlink cables
    • Beolink Wireless Transmitter + Receivers functional + IREye (come from 2nd house, working)
    • pairing Beolink Wireless Transmitter + Receivers is ok (green light on both units going to stand-by red)
    • when i start the BS Moment, no sounds. Then i press the “play” button on the IREye :  both units LEDs turn green instantly but no sound.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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