Beosound 9000 no ML / Loud Bang / Sled is touching CDs

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      I had not used by vertically standing Beosound 9000 for a few years (thanks to Essence …), but I wanted to listen to some CDs today so I connected the PL speakers right back to the Beosound and gave it a try.

      But unfortunately:

      1. the sled is touching the CDs when switching from CD to CD
      2. whenever I change the source – either from Radio to CD or from CD to CD – the stereo omits a really loud “Bang”
      3. Beosound does not feed into the Masterlink any more – the other two rooms who still have masterlink cannot play Beosound’s content.

      I noticed a thread relating to problem number 1, but I am clueless for problems 2 and 3. Would you have an idea

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