Beosound 9000 sledge touches the back of the CDs – The solution


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      Hello all !

      I write this topic because my Beosound 9000 had a small problem, as mentioned in the title of the topic, the sledge was touching the back of the CDs.

      I found this very useful topic on the forum that put me on the right way.

      In this topic, it is said that the problem comes from two faulty parts. The rocker arm n°9134 and the damper n°46. See the drawing below.



      You can access to these parts by removing the bottom plate of the unit. Be careful, when removing it, there is grounds connected to the plate. It is easier to remove the top plate to disconnect the grounds.

      The rocker arm n°9134

      Rocker arm

      The damper n°46


      This week a friend of mine went to the local B&O reseller to order this two parts for me. But unfortunatly, they told her that these parts were no longer available. But the technician was very kind, he call me on the phone and tell me that maybe he could provide me these parts if he find a broken unit.

      So in my mind, I started thinking of how I could repair it without new parts. I doubted that the rocker was faulty, because according to me the mechanism is too weak to bend an aluminium part.

      I concentrated myself on the damper. It looks like a silicone tube. I start thinking that the damper is maybe worn so the mechanism is not going down enough. So I put a heat shrink tube over the damper to slightly increase the diameter.

      Like this.


      I reassemble all the parts. Here is the rocker arm back in place.


      Detail of the damper with the heat shrink tube over it.


      And after this little modification, my Beosound 9000 works perfectly ! I am very happy.

      The sledge fly over the CDs without touching them.

      I hope this topic can help people who have the same issue with their BS9000.


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        Bonjour Pierre and Welcome to Beoworld,

        Thank you for taking time for posting again despite the issues you had with your fist attempt.

        The rocker twisted arm was indeed an old story and the first suspect when the sledge is scratching, until someone advised that it can’t be bent so easily and started to look more at the damper.

        Parts being if not rare, often difficult to find at your local dealer (in France at least) the shrinking tube is welcome. Please let us now how it turns aft some week of use.

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          Thank you Matador,

          Yes, I will make a feedback in several weeks.

          There is one thing I have noticed when I opened the unit, is that the damper was moving freely around the rocker arm. Is it normal? Is it due to the wear? I don’t know. With the heat shrink over it , the damper is more tight on the rocker arm. That’s the only difference.

          Will the wear out faster ? I don’t know, time will tell.

          For the moment everything is fine.

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            If there was a “Like”-Button for your post, Pierre, I’d click it!

            Thank you very much for sharing – I have the same problem, and I know now how to fix it!

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              I’m so glad that this topic can help you !

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                Hi all I had used medical Peristaltic Pumps silicone tube “Kamoer Silicone Tube ID: 2mm OD: 4mm they supply minimum 100cm. We can replace for 1000Xnos BS9000 player.

                This size very perfect, existing sleeve 1mm thickness, this tube 2mm will service longer.

                This silicone tube is very soft transport operating very smooth. I have noticed existing damper sleeve too thin this is reason under pressure between mechanical parts cut or deep wear on damper sleeve.


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                  When I took off the old worn damper on my BS9000, I measured it with my caliper. The outside diameter was 3.60mm.

                  I forgot to measure it with the heat shrink tube on it. But I think, the diameter is around 4.00mm.

                  An OD of 4.00mm seems to be the right dimension.

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