Beomaster 8000 Not responding

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      My Beomaster 8000 was working fine, but stopped responding after moving to another house.

      The only thing that is happening is that the display lights up in different ways.

      What can be the problem?

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        The Beomaster 8000 has a lot of interconnect cables inside. It is possible that handling of the Beomaster during the move caused one of the internal cable connections to disengage.


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          The BM8000 doesn’t have an internal battery backup, otherwise I would suspect that (especially after moving house and disconnecting from mains power for a while).

          The Service Manual (avail to Silver/Gold members) does mention a uP test as follows:


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            The hint with loose connections is right, bad solderjoints are often found in these mashines too.

            For me the display shows the typical symptoms of uPC controller is not workink proper.

            Often this is caused by bad capacitators specially C35 10uF at the 5 Volt regulator 6IC4.

            If you are handy with a soldering iron and have at least some basic electronic skills you could solder a new one in.

            Before you are opening and working on the Beomaster always pull the mains plug from your AC outlet!

            As you are working on the 5 Volt line for the uPC always think about ESD!

            The cap is mounted to the legs of 6IC4, right side of unit on the heatsink mounted to the chassis, and easily to renew.

            Next would be not as easy to acsess:

            9C85 22uF this one is also a filtering cap for 5Volt line in the uPC housing can.


            Kind regards


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