Beomaster 7000 Preset Levels Issue

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      Hello Beoworld,

      I have a Beomaster 7000 System and when it turns on the volume is set at 62 and the balance is all over to the right.

      I have a BeoLink1000 and can set and store all the levels as needed. This is fine if I put the system in standby as when I play the CD or anything it comes back on with the saved expected levels I have set.

      The issue is when I turn the system off at the wall the system seems to reset to some presets which I can’t seem to overwrite them. Has anyone had this issue or know how to resolve it?


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        Hi and welcome to Beoworld!

        There will be an internal lithium battery on PCB4 that supplies the microprocessor when the mains power is removed.  This can be replaced if you are handy with a soldering iron.

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          Confirmed, there is a lithium cell inside the cpu board. It is a CR2450 cell with pins.

          Replacement is necessary, otherwise the cell can leak and destroy the board. The brown stuff on the battery is acid… it also can burn (seen in several VX5000…)

          After the replacement the cpu needs a reset and a “clear CMOS” service. Without this procedure the offset of the FM counter may be wrong, the frequencies of the stations will be wrong and there will be stations you cannot reprogram or delete, this can also be a timer function… switching on or off, recording things…

          For this it is necessary to start in service mode.

          You have the service manual?

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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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