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      Hi! I got this old lovely Beomaster 1900 for free. First it didnt start, the relay just clicket. I found some bad soldering ant took out and repaired and cleaned the three sliders (treble, bass, balance) and then it started but without any sound. However- this morning it started AND produced some sound (not the best, some distorsion and hissing from the tuner) But after a while one channel fades out. So I guess i need to recap it? But the caps are plasticky things (tantalums?) Can you replace them with electrolytics? I am going to buy a bulb kit and some feet from Beoparts (great company got some really good parts for my beogram cdx and beomaster 1400) Beoparts has a recap kit that is probably great but I already have a big stock of alu electrolytic caps.

      So- any hints as to the fading sound from the right channel is about?

      And- can i put electrolytic caps in?

      Cheers, Göran

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        Hi Göran. You should not replace tantals with ordinary electrolytics but you can replace them with polyseter film caps. But are you sure you can identify tantals? They’re the ones that look like small drops. Plastic cans are ordinary aluminum electrolytics.

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          Hi Goran:

          I’ve repaired a number of the BM1900. Normally I wouldn’t start replacing capacitors as a starting point for troubleshooting. The capacitors on these however have mostly begun to fail and they cause all sorts of weird problems.

          Most of the problems goes away after a recap.

          The “plasticky” things I think you are referring to are the cylindrical electrolytic capacitors made by Roderstein. Those can be replaced by aluminum electrolytics.

          Beoparts is a great resource and the kit will have all the right parts along with placement diagrams.

          The other problems I’ve run into are faulty light bulbs (you must use the right voltage bulbs) and leaky transistors which cause weird switching problems with the touch controls.


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            Here a pic from a 1900 with bad electrolytic caps, Get a set from Beoparts caps and lamps and you are good to go.P1020324 (2021_01_16 19_18_46 UTC)

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