Beogram 5000 plays slloowww

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      Good afternoon, all. First time poster. Came across a Beosystem 5000 that included the amp, turntable, cassette deck, CD player, and the monster-sized system remote. Really interested in getting the Beogram 5k working properly. It had a belt that was clearly worn out so I ordered a new one. It came today and got it replaced. It seems to operate smoothly and all functions seem OK but is clearly playing too slowly.

      Any easy checks to perform?

      P.S. Sure was fun threading the belt over the spindle!

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        There are a couple of trimpots underneath the deck that are adjustable with a small flat screwdriver – one for 33rpm and one for 45rpm.

        Let it run for 5-10 minutes to warm up then, using a strobe disc, adjust these until the speed is correct on both speeds.

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          Where did you buy your belt, most belts  bought on the bay are worthless

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            Thanks, Adam. Speed has been adjusted and is playing great.

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              Watch the motor current draw!
              As Soren suggests; If the belt is wrong (too tight), the motor will see a too heavy sideways load, and its bearings will go bad in no time = goodbye motor. I’ve seen it so many times with cheap junk belts from Portugal and Germany sold in large numbers on Ebay etc.
              Speeds being low after replacing the belt could suggest this kind of situation.


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                Thanks for the tip. What’s a reliable place to buy quality belts?

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                  Only one place for quality and reliable replacements:

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