Beogram 1000 noise

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    Hi all,

    I’m new, so bear with me 😉

    I have a Beomaster 1000 receiver that has been in my family since first purchased in 1968-1970.

    Last year, I bought a Beogram 1000 turntable, and Beovox 1000 speakers, to complete the original system.

    All have sounded good until recently.  Now, when I start a record on the turntable, the first 20-30 mins. sound great.  Then, the sound gets muddy in both channels, like there is big distortion.  I do clean my records and stylus frequently, and have found that this does not make a difference to this change of behaviour.  I get tired of the noise, so shut it all down; then it sounds good again, next time I get it going.

    Any thoughts about this phenomenon?



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    Probably a capacitor problem in the Beomaster as the problem is both channels. If the Beogram has a preamp the problem could also be there. If playing a radio station, do you have the same problem ?

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    I agree with Søren (hi!). Do replace the aforementioned caps and check for bad solders. So is it just on records or not?

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