Beocenter shelving – what IS it!?

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      I bought this shelving, originally bought for a Beocenter 9000 and it’s matching Beogram (I intend to use it for my Beocenter 8500 and Beogram 8500).  It has some rust on one side but I can deal with that, and I think I’ll spray the backboards white as it will go against a while wall.  It was going cheap and I couldn’t resist.

      As you can see from photo 2 it has these hook-on brackets – two for the Beocenter, two for the Beogram.  There is room on the whole unit for more item though and I would like another couple of brackets (or a shelf) for other peripherals to sit on.  I’d also like some larger ones for the Beogram if possible, as I’m a bit nervous of how short they are – only 18cm!

      I’ve searched and searched and I cannot find anything that would work with it – it seems closest to shop fitting equipment but I’ve tried a few searches like hook-on, slot-on, hook-over, cantilever, but I can’t find anything that would fit.  The boards are 20mm deep so the ‘hooks’ would need to be that size.

      Anyone have any familiarity with this shelving system?  Here are the photos:




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        Here’s one for sale suggesting it’s for Beomaster 3000:

        Here we go, it’s an SM20 for Beosystem 2000 or 3000:

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          Ah, that does help to make sense of it.  I used to have a Beosystem 3000 too – would have looked nice on that!

          Don’t think I’ll have much luck getting any new parts for it then, but I’ll see if I can find anything that will coincidentally work with it.  My partner is a retired engineer and might be able to make or adapt something for me.  I’ve ordered these hooks on Amazon, I intend to use two of them as a ‘now playing’ record holder.

          That’s a nice example on eBay for £250.  Mine’s a bit rusty (on the left side only, but you won’t see that side where I intend to put it) but I only paid £40 for it!

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            Well, I’d have to say this went well, and was done on a budget. The SM20 unit only cost me £40 but it was a bit rusty, and did not have the full set of attachments.  Over the last couple of days I’ve rust-doctored it, took as much of the rust as I could off with wire wool, then finished with fine sandpaper.  It came up better than I thought – the left side is worse than the right (the seller had it stood on one side in the corner of the garage for a long time), but where I have it, you can’t really see much of the left side.

            Although it wasn’t built for my Beocenter 8500 and Beogram 8500, it suits it pretty well, and the 4 brackets that came with it were enough – 2 for each.  The two brackets for the turntable are only 18cm long which does make me nervous – it does sit well and it is dead level, but just in case I’ve put some double-sided foam tape underneath.  the advantage of those short brackets though it that they are invisible – the turntable seems to float there.

            I bought some little hooks from Amazon (intended to hang over your kitchen cupboard doors, to hang your tea-towels on!), but they happen to fit and have a nice steel finish, so I’ve added 6 of those to hold the ‘now playing’ vinyl, CD, and cassette, which you can see on the photos.  It looks a bit busy though so I’m going to take the cassette ones off – I don’t really play cassettes after all.

            On the left, under the turntable, I made a makeshift bracket of my own using some metal fittings from a local hardware store bought for a couple of pounds – there’s no weight in the WIIM Pro streamer I have put there, so it works pretty well.  The Philips Hue lamp under that sets it all off quite well too!

            There’s quite a lot of wiring at the back.  I have MCL cables connected to the speaker outputs (in turn connected to a pair of CX50s) powerlink connected to my Beolab 6000s, an FM antenna, and all three DIN inputs are in use, but SM20 hides all of that.

            I’ve connected a long audio aux link cable to the aux connection, which snakes around the room, connects to a Beolink Converter 1611, from which there is a masterlink cable leading to nothing at all right now, but I pick my Beolab 3500 up on Monday (bought on eBay), then that goes on the wall.

            I’ve also only just found out that I can set my WIIM Pro as the ‘default music speaker’ for my google home display, so now I can just voice command google to play thinks on Spotify, and it plays on my Beocenter through the WIIM Pro.

            So now I have all of the music.  All of it.




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              Very nice looking 😀

              I especially like the now playing hook system both for having a place to store the now playing covers, but also for displaying the art on the covers

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                I’ve always wondered, what is the material of those three, dark vertical panels?

                That’s a very nice-looking setup and a great solution with those towel-hooks. The “now playing” area fills the empty space nicely.

                Regarding the Beogram brackets: could you add a thin shelf on top of the brackets and then the Beogram on top? Perhaps a piece of glass? Although that might not look as slim as the floating-effect with just the bracket + Beogram. So perhaps the double-sided tape (or perhaps velcro for easier removal?) is still the easiest solution.

                What’s the stand you are using for the Form1 headphones? The width looks pretty much spot-on and it looks great!

                The shelfs and stands are one area of B&O products that I think are really under-appreciated (not to mention rare, unfortunately). Couple of years back I was lucky to find a “System Module SM50” for cheap for my 7000-setup. The stand is so sturdily built (needs to be!) and looks great with the whole stack on top!

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                  The material is particleboard – just like they used to use to make flat pack furniture in the 80s (and sometimes still do) before things moved more to MDF.  The top and bottom edges however are lined with an aluminium strip.  They are reversible, the other side is off-white, but on mine, the white side is quite discoloured with age.

                  Yes, I like your idea about the glass shelf – it would seem more secure.  I might look into that.  Because of the way the underside of the BG8500 is shaped, the shelf would need to be quite shallow in order to remain invisible, but that is possible.

                  The stand for the Form1 was verify cheap on eBay.  It took a while to arrive (from China) but it does fit the Form1 very well – find it here.  The photo on eBay makes it look thicker and more substantial than it actually is, but it does the job well enough.

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