Beocenter restoration – Advice needed

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      Hello Beolworlders,

      I found a nice Beocenter 9500 which will replace my beloved Beocenter 9000 destroyed by UPS on it’s way to a distant repairman.

      The 9500 works fine (except fast rewind – any hint?) but it’s very dirty and full of dust.

      I need advice on which way to clean the metal parts. I’m not convienced by 90° alcohol, as it seems to dissolve the black paint.

      Polished panels have a few scratches and spots that look like dots  and I wonder what product to use to clean them without damaging them.

      Can you help me?

      Kind regards,


        • Warwickshire, UK

        The tape deck problem could well be the belt which is well worth replacing anyway. You can get new belts from Beoparts but it is important to check which of the two types of tape deck is fitted – this is explained on the Beoparts site.

        With regard to cleaning the outside, I always fight the temptation to use any chemicals such as Isopropyl Alcohol! I would first dust the unit using a gentle, clean feather duster, plus maybe an air duster (compressed air can) for any groves. Then simply use water and a new, clean microfibre cloth. I use a small spray bottle to spray a very fine water ‘mist’ over the BeoCenter and then wipe very gently until dry. Don’t be tempted to press hard to remove marks – simply repeat the gentle wiping process until they fade.

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          • Brittany, France

          Thank you for you help, Guy 🙂

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