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    Primal Sage
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      Hi everyone

      After a 15 year break, I am planning to get back into B&O. I once owned a Beocenter 8000, which I really liked but then my circumstances changed and I did not have room for it anymore so I sadly sold it. But now I have room again and I am still in love with the design. So a week from now I am going to visit a seller who has a Beocenter 8000 and a pair of Beovox 3000 for sale.

      So the question is, what should I be looking out for? Seller says everything is in working order but I am obviously going to get a demo. Tapedeck and CD are obvious things to test but is there anything in particular I should be looking (or listening) for? I also have zero experience with Beovox 3000. Back when I owned the Beocenter I believe I paired it with two Beovox C40 and later a pair of M150. How would the Beovox 3000 compare?

      Also, while we’re at it, if I buy the Beocenter, I will probably start looking for a Beogram to match with it. I would like it to fit designwise so I think Beogram 8500 or 9500 are my best bets?


      thanks for any help.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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