Beocenter 7007 fixable?

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      I’m a bit illiterate when it comes to electronics so i hope what i descripe makes sense.

      I’ve got an old Beocenter 7007 standing around that was used to play records until a few years ago when someone managed to break the circuit board (i think thats what it is) behind the line in/out. I used to have a din-jack cable connected and when pulling it out the guy broke it πŸ™

      I really like to get the old beauty going again, but is it even possible? Im located in Copenhagen if anyone has advise on where to inquire about repairs if it makes sense to try.

      Heres a picture of the broken part on the back of the beocenter. Everything is still working, besides the main function; playing sound.


      Any help is greatly appreciated, even if its bad news πŸ™‚

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        It could probably be fixed but it would be a bit of a bodge; it would be difficult to provide enough strength to a repaired circuit board such that the Line In/Out socket could still be used without it breaking again.

        If it were mine I would look for a replacement PCB from a ‘donor’ unit and replace – or get someone qualified to do so.

        I think Beoparts may have the whole connecter panel for sale so you may wish to contact them:

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          Hi and welcome to Beoworld.

          The Line in-Line out connector is important because it need to be bridged with a special plug for the Beocenter to make any sound. I can see the plug but if the connections are broken (obvisously they are!) it won’t work.

          Maybe you can bridge the broken traces by soldering wires (maybe they’re not much) and find an trick to keep the broken pcb part in place. If you need to use the connector for Aux-In, plug the cable in, secure it with anything and let it like that taking care to not applu too much strength on that side.

          Of course, Guy’s advice is the way to go but meanwhile that should work.

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            Thank you so much! I better look into the replacement part then, and get some quilified help – dont think i’ve soldered anything since 7th grade science classes. I proberly wont use the line in/out again, but still might as well get it fixed proberly.

            Best regards

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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