Activating a non B&O Power Amp via 5V Trigger Powerlink Signal

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      I want to use a non B&O Power Amp with my Playmaker. I tried to use a 5v to 12v DV converter to trigger the mains relay I have but this didn’t work.

      I’ve looked everywhere but can find a Powerlink trigger for using non B&O power amplifier with powerlink. My aim is to use a Quad or Valve power amp with the Playmaker instead of a Beolink Passive. Is all i need is for the trigger to switch the amp on.

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        This is a bit pricey but I like the look of it:

        Keene AC Powerswitch Relay Or Trigger Control for Iot Arduino Raspberry Pi ESP32 KPS1

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          Hi Guy – thanks, that is absolutely perfect for what I need – excellent, I’ve been looking for something like that for ages. Thanks again

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            Why not ask Steve?


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