3 generations of the B&O app – which one would you prefer?

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      Yes, I would tend to agree, that a meaningful set of changes to the app should be mapped out and explained to users – what those changes are in their entirety and once completed, and some rationale for moving from one state of affairs to a new one.

      That perhaps is all a bit ex-post though – after all these decisions are already made, and one must presume that the app team / company more broadly has broader insight into usage patterns / usage issues and preferences than we as a smaller select group do. Of course it would be nice to be in the loop earlier in the process, but being realistic its not something I’d expect.

      Personally I dont use the app much beyond checking/changing settings, as all my music listening exists outside of any B&O UI.  Nevertheless, for those more embedded in the “app as experience”, I have sympathy, and perhaps a little more optimism that once these incremental updates are done, the app will land in a place where most of the control possibilities are back.

    Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)
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