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    Thanks for the great suggestions! We have had health setbacks here so work has been slow.

    Here is the solution I found thanks to all the help you gave.  (And  new problems).

    The above suggestions led me to track the various components “continuity” in the keyboard circuit. After many hours of work I found an intermittent issue in the displays would go dead randomly. This added confusion to the situation. Finally I found a hairline scratch where someone probably removing the shield over the CPU area slipped (very hard to see).  I ran jumpers as the trace repair was too small for my setup.

    It worked, and in total 11 traces were found to be cut!  Now she is almost working perfectly.  Two new issues were discovered:

    The signal strength LED’s (red) do not light up.  Since I replaced all the trimmers in the unit and Caps, Could this be an adjustment on a trimmer?  I tried 6R11 without effect.  So I am thinking it may be on Board 8.   I do not have a Signal gen etc. to set up things on Board 8.  Do board 8 trimmers affect this?  Perhaps adjusting a trimmer may give them life?  It is at my limit to figure this one out.


    The second is the  tuner will not go lower than 88Mhz  but will go up higher than 110Mhz.  How is this adjusted?


    Thanks again guys!