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    Hi MM, hi Carolpa, I was already assuming (edit: counting on the fact) that I cannot control the BS5e through BeoLink. My aim will be to play it through a Line-in of a BLC (using A.AUX to listen to it in any of the rooms), control the content by hand (option 0). Carolpa, you confirm my thought to use the PowerLink socket for that.

    I think the BS5/BM5 is very classic cool, but I am hesitant to put another big, fan-cooled box somewhere. The BS5e looks just as cool, and I hope the directly accessible nature of it will make my user experience better than I like the app/core. The downside is the low/no level of control. But hey, maybe I should see walking to my BS5e similarly romantic as flipping a record! Both haptic experiences. Keep you posted!

    The BS5 Encore was meant to be a standalone unit…..
    ….or – as the name says – as a companion to the BS/M5, drawing on the files in the BM5.
    You could have one BS/M5 and several Encores around the house.
    This was made possible at some point in the evolution of the BM5……they added a DLNA server to the operation system.

    Of course you can do as you (and Corolpa) suggests – that is also what Steve (SoundsHeavenly) proposes all the time as ‘integration light’.
    And this can work well – but without the ‘integration’ that a NL/ML Converter can offer.
    By the way, if you put the Encore into Option 4 and use The Beo4 with a Link command (before the actual command), you can remote control it without interfering with other ir-devices in the room.
    You can even – with a newer Beo4 version, that can be set to Link Mode – use the remote pretty ‘normal’ (this is nice if you want to improve the WAF).

    Also you have an option of connecting something – could be a turntable or an Airplay or Spotify Connect device – to the line-in port on the Encore.

    Several BS/M5 users have managed to merge the system to an SSD drive, making the BM5 much faster.
    If someone really wants to integrate the Beosound 5 to the setup (with ML and NL), the BS/S5 is the way to go.

    I have never heard a fan in the BM5 and the box can be hidden away.