Your experience with Beosound Essence?

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    Hello everyone,

    I currently have a setup of two BL17’s, turntable and a 3rd party sub Hooked up to a mini Yamaha receiver to power it all.

    Just so I am fully in the B&O experience I want to have fully integrated system to replace the Yamaha.

    I had a look at the core but it won’t work for me as it only has one PL port and I won’t be able to use the sub.

    So far the best solution I found was the Essence MKII.  Seems to have everything I need except airplay 2 which isn’t a big deal as I can use it with Beosound Multiroom instead.

    Is this a good solution in 2022? My biggest concern is how well the sub will work in this setup.  What does the software setup for the speakers look like? Will it make full use of my sub?

    Looking forward to any feedback.

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    I have two Essence MK2 in my setup.
    They do what they are supposed to – can’t complain at all.

    By the way, the Essence MK2 surely has support for Airplay 2!

    I am not going to change these to Core’s.

    As for how your sub will integrate with the 17’s, I have no experience there.
    Guess it very much depends……..on the sub, the placement/the room, the crossover options in the sub etc.

    (Do you really need the sub with the 17’s?)


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    I can’t say much about the rest but I think Essence MKII is AirPlay 2 capable.
    Just make sure that the sw is up to date.




    (MM has been faster and more competent. 😀)

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    I believe the BSE was a good system….especially with the Essence remote control. The BSE would dial-in my DNLA music server and the interweb for Radio.

    Where the BSE is somewhat dated is in certain aspects of the BeoApp. Integrated round the house music was a plus but the lack of provision for searching and layout of music (by Album art).

    For your application, it appears you do have an adequate setup and it seems to work effectively for you. The BL17s are no slouches and a B&O sub (BL11 or 19 – BL2 may be too slow) will integrate easily and crossover effortlessly. I would have to see the 3rd party sub to work-out how well that can be integrated.


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    I’ve had a pair of Beolab 17’s connected to the Essence Mk II for many years.  It’s been rock solid.  On rare occasions if I am unable to Airplay to it I need to reboot the Essence.  This system is also my alarm clock and it wakes me up to a TuneIn radio station.  Just make sure you set your country and location if you use it for an alarm clock!  I had to do a factory reset once to change my wifi password.  I forgot that step and I woke up 5 hours early and went to work and didn’t even realize it until I got there!

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    Thanks guys,

    Im finding them on eBay. Are the differences in the MKII’s themselves?

    mkII Type 287

    MKII d898


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