Who wants (his Beosound 9000) to live forever…

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    Hi guys,

    Following a thread on faulty laser on a Beosound Century, member @filip_kbh posted this:


    Two years ago, I had an adventure with a Beosound 9000. After a lot of mechanical work I ended up, as everybody, replacing the laser. It was a MK2 so still easy to source, but I kept the original lens.

    Today I had troubles reading CD’s on an Ouverture (same laser lens) and thought it might worth to try. I dig out that old faulty laser eye (from the 9000) and cleaned it as the video shows. And guess what? IT WORKED !

    It’s reading CD’s from start to finish for some hours now without any skip, jump or defect.

    Th operation is tedious and need care, but it’s doable and pretty fast, a couple of hour from silence to spin.

    Hope this will help…

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