Wall mount for beosound 9000

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      Hi, first time posting!

      So a couple of weeks ago I found a good deal on a beosound 9000 mk1 that I bought.

      When I got home I realized that I hade to order a couple of cables and they turned up today which works great, the seller claims that she might have a floorstand in her basement but she cant find it. She sold the CD-player because she is going to move soon so it will probably be found in a few weeks.

      Now to the question. I noticed these holes on the back side which look like they are meant for hanging it on the wall. Does anyone know what their purpose is? Can I use these holes to mount it to a wall?

      Keith Saunders
        • Hampshire, England

        I can confirm that the holes on the back are to allow you to place on the stand or wall bracket

        Keith Saunders
          • Hampshire, England

          There are three types of stand/wall bracket as below


          Vertical Wall Bracket

          Horizontal Wall Bracket


            Ok! Thank you for the reply! I’m still debating what mounting solution I’m going to go for.

            As it stands I have three ideas.

            1, Wait for the stand that she hopefully finds.

            2, Buy a wall mount when I can find one (I’ve been in contact with a B&O service center that claims to have one but won’t give price)

            3, Since I have the “knobs” for lack of better words to mount it to the floor stand it shouldn’t be a problem to build a mounting brackets for it.

            Any input would be much appreciated!

            BRONZE Member

              2) They probably want to sell you a new wall bracket from STB.  Bottom of the page, here:



                Yeah, I saw those, shipping might be a bit expensive, but it’s doable. The thing is over all when it comes to B&O is that it is rather expensive. I did build something for myself to hang it off the wall which works great but if I ever come across a wall mount for cheap I might consider it.

                I spent about $250 (2500SEK) for the CD-player so adding another £504 for a wall mount feels kinda wrong. I’m not intending to buy anything else from B&O, I’m set when it comes to turntable and speakers and don’t really need anything else.

                BRONZE Member

                  Its good advice to try and find a B&O wall bracket,although alternatives could be fabricated too.

                  The B&O ones are particularly well made and strong.Remember,it’s a heavy unit,so you want it to stay on the wall and not end up on the floor as a kit?

                  The wall brackets change hands here in the U.K.for about £150.


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