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    Keith Saunders
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      Dear Members,

      I have been working on additional facilities within the forum area including a new Manual Library and the ability to view certain manuals online in book form rather than just opening a PDF. This may or may not be successful or useable.

      On the Forum Home page on the right there is a section “Beolink Information” with four documents. I would like to get feedback on the following points:-

      1. Its usability, i.e. does it load in a reasonable time for example?
      2. Is it better than just viewing the PDF in your browser?
      3. Do you see this addition as value to you?

      Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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        1. usabilty: In general I don’t like these types of online book. Most times I struggle with zoom functions not beeing great, and fast scrooling is just easier with the mouse wheel than with screen buttons in my opinion.
        2. I don’t think it’s better than PDF primarily because of the above
        3. No added value for me, but I’m ok with it if it’s also possible to open the PDF file (it’s not possible with all of the 4 you have uploaded).

        But great Idea with easy access to manuals from the forums. Keep up the good work 🙂

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          1. I like it!
          I found the button to turn off sound (should be off be default imo).
          The single page option does not work correct with all documents.
          Single page is handsome if you – like me – use an iPad and that way can have the text a bit higger.

          2. In order to decide which is best, I’d need to have both options…..for A/B comparison.

          3. With some documents this might be the better way.
          However, I’d prefer to have both options….if that is possible and not too much work for you.

          Thanks for trying out new things, Keith – much appreciated.


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            1) on my Galaxy Tab A far too slow, on my Samsung A13 fine. On the Tab A only works effectively in landscape mode again fine for the A13

            2) never sure if I am a fan of the book approach over pdf readers they look good but I find scrolling can be more effective

            3) I do see that value of the ability to browse a document this way.

            Thanks for the work in adding this. Paul

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              Just tried on a PC and works very smoothly. Paul

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