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      I have been looking at obtaining a CDX cd player.  Most that are listed for sale are in Europe (particularly those in decent condition).   I suspect that they are all 220v/50hz, and I don’t know whether or how easy it is to convert them to operate at 120v/60hz.

      When I lived in Germany in the 80s I acquired equipment that was dual voltage capable and that would adjust the internal clock for 50/60hz so that it worked correctly.  But it appears to me that B & O used different part numbers for different markets.

      Can a CDX be converted easily from 220v/50hz to 120v/60hz?

      Keith Saunders
        • Hampshire, England

        The short answer is Yes

        The long answer is most older B&O products had mains transformers with two primary windings.
        When the two primary windings are put in series its for 220 volts and in parallel for 110 volts

        The CDX has such an arrangement as you can see from the image below taken from the CDX manual. Apologies for the poor image quality


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          You can just download the service manual online. There you have a better vieuw.

          about the frequency that is not a problem. The transformer can handle both.

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