USB fan on avant 2014 mk1?

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      I heard some rumour that I should put some usb fan on the back to the avant 2014 (my is 55″) to cool down the video engine. Any experience?

      My tv has not had the video engine fixed and almost daily the screen goes either black or gray and I need to keep the tv off for like 10-15 minutes and then it works just fine again. The strange thing is that can often watch tv all evening for many hours but when it randomly gets stuck it is a real hassle to turn it on again if I dont wait these 15 minutes.

      I heard that the repaired VE-modules coming back from B&O is fitted with a cooling pad so I guess this is some kind of construction defect because I see a lot of the VE broken on other avants nowadays.

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        Hi scanorama99

        There were several threads in the (now) Archived Forum 2, where there was talk about this.

        See here:


        The Willy, who is mentioned there, is not on Beoworld.

        However, he is active in the Beotalk YT show – you may be able to contact him via the show or his social media.

        But…..maybe another member will be able to provide more details.

        It does not seem to be that hard, if you have some technical skills.



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          If you PM me I’ll pass along Willie’s e-mail address, and you can ask him to post here, maybe?  Or if you have the stomach for it, review old BeoTalk casts at chipmunk-speed on YouTube (pre-#150), or maybe e-mail its host (also PM) to ask which one.

          What I recall was that Willie pulled the USB voltage off the interior of the connector to a fan on the case back or bottom, not board mounted — which would draw air past the offending video engine chip.  He wanted some brand fan (Noctua?), but had to go with something smaller (and/or thinner?) because the full sized one wouldn’t fit.  Then it was too loud, so he soldered in a couple resistors to tap the lower voltage.  Sorry I don’t have that TV so I didn’t really follow where exactly he mounted it.

          Or maybe you could join next Sunday’s BeoTalk chat and ask (or throw them a couple bucks of so-called “superchat”) and we can all listen to the details again.  Good luck!

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            Thanks for the replies. Eventually the tv refused to boot up. It always got stuck at a gray static fuzzy screen even after having it plugged out from the power supply for days.
            I had to wait for a very expensive mainboard fix for about 4 months. Now I can see tv again.


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