Updating WISA firmware Transmitter 1 / Beolab 17

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    Anyone flashed firmware of  Beolab Transmitter 1 ?

    I recently bought a ex store demo pair of 17’s and a Transmitter 1 . The 17’s came from a dealer and probably not really old stock. The Transmitter 1 was from ebay and hard to determine it’s age.
    According filenames and dates from the update software (to download from B&O support site on a USB flashdrive first) latest Wisa firmware for 17’s dates already back to 2018.

    Last Firmware from Transmitter 1 is from 2020.

    Amyway, followed all the instructions on B&O support site for the update process but all the described sequences of flashing LED’s on not Transmitter 1 and Beolab 17 are not observed, with the USB flashdrive inserted in Transmitter 1 , it just does it’s normal boot sequence as well do the 17’s.


    I think this means both Transmitter 1 and 17’s both have latest firmware onboard, but there is no way to verify that!!

    Don’t have any complaints by the way, Core is powerlinked to Transmitter 1 wireless feeding the 17’s and the connection is just rock solid. No hickups, delay, weird noises, it just works. Did not expect that to be honest 🙂

    Anyone experience with this process?

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    There is a file on the USB thumbdrive that logs the activity. You can see if the speaker was skipped or updated and what the firmware of the speaker/receiver is. I saw a different behavior for Receiver 1 units that were being updated compared to ones that already had the recent firmware. I found it to be good practice to have just one speaker/receiver plugged into power at a time for the firmware update cycle so that I could see what was happening for that specific Receiver 1.

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    your issue is not doubtable ,

    might be my answer helps you

    To make a software update of your Beolab 18 via Beolab Transmitter 1,  The product status indicator flashes green during the software update.


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    I will give it another try during the weekend. Thanks all.


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