UPCOMING: Beosound Theatre

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    You can find an image of the upcoming soundbar by hitting ‘beosound theatre event’ in google search.

    Funny, you can see it in the google search result page but now it leads to an error page!

    Wouldn’t it be linked to a B&O page I would have say it’s a fake as I already said about the Stage. Seems I don’t recognize the B&O design ADN anymore…

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    That image and link was available first on 21st July. According to Google at least. On 22nd you could still access it and instead of an error it showed that image on B&O’s website with a simple form to sign up to B&O’s newsletter. Later that day then the page was taken offline. Now you only get an error. Google search still returns the image, possibly from cache.

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    Beautiful! Interesting looking! Excited to learn the specs.

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    From the picture it looks as if it’s a complete TV rather than a soundbar. But the Beosound name says it’s something separate.
    Wonder if it will be possible to slot any manufacturers panel into the soundbar, but perhaps with better integration (Beoremote) when using LG.

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    its not a complete TV, from what I understand.

    But the differences may well be subtle and a bit semantic in the end.

    The Theatre will most likely be separately marketed a bit more obviously than the Eclipse SC is / was.  But I imagine it will be displayed in store with a panel and possibly stand. So it may not be obvious to some how it is any different a proposition than the Eclipse.

    Unless the Theatre offers similar integration with other brands and not just LG, the Theatre+LG proposition may not be very different from an Eclipse.

    I suspect that with the Theatre likely on the Mozart platform, it will effectively replace the Ellipse over time.

    Many questions remain of course, stand and wall brackets above all.

    I actually quiet like the stand in the picture!

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