UK Hi-Fi Show this Sunday

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    Hi BeoWorlders,

    Is anyone else going to the Hifi Wigwam show in Stoke on Trent, UK this Sunday? Here are some pictures I took at the 2019 show, it is well worth a visit!

    Full info at the link below, not sure how much B&O will be there this year:-

    See you there! Kind regards Steve.

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      I’ll be at Tonbridge at the Audiojumble, sadly! (Stalls 13 &14 if anyone is visiting!)



      Hi Adam,

      That looks like an interesting event, but I can’t risk missing the infamous Hi-fi Wigwam Show!

      Am I right in thinking that you exhibited a B&O system there a few years back when the show was at Melton?

      Kind regards, Steve.

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        I did indeed and a mix-up by the hotel meant that I was allocated the smallest bedroom in the place – barely bigger than a broom closet.

        Luckily I didn’t take a big system with me. Only a Beogram 8002, Beocord 8004, Beomaster 8000 and Beovox MS150.2s! It still sounded fantastic, though – I had lots of compliments and I think I converted a few B&O sceptics. One chap in particular came back around 5 times during the day and kept telling me he’d never heard B&O before and it was the best thing at the show!

        Obviously he was quite right….

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          Hi Steve

          Thanks for letting us know about this event. I went yesterday and had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

          I think it can best be described as a classic car show for Hifi enthusiasts. An amazing array of systems and budgets all sounding very different. Proved to me that simply throwing money into equipment doesn’t guarantee a great sound.

          It was reassuring to come home to listen to my trusty Lab 5’s. The sound they produce is, to my ear, better than anything I had listened to all day.


          Hi BeoBang,

          Goad to hear that you enjoyed the show!  I agree that it is very hard to match the power and quality of Beolab 5 with a regular audio system, but there were some good systems at the show.

          I will follow up with a video of the show later this week.

          Kind regards Steve.

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