Turned off Beoplay V1 40 while updating, lost all channels, won’t retune.


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      Hi all, I accidently turned off my V!-40 while it was updating, I had covid at the time and wasn’t thinking properly and it was 330 in the morning. Now I don’t have any TV channels and it won’t pick up channels when I try to retune with my, (perfectly good) terrestrial aerial, (as it was done originally.) I can’t find a default setting switch for the TV anywhere. LAN connection is still working and can watch Netflix etc. I bought the TV second hand privately about 4 years ago and haven’t had any problems. The nearest B&O dealer is 250km away, and, I live in Australia. I thought it was fixed yesterday when I had the channels back and was watching  one of my channel lists. When I turned on the TV today I had no channels in  any of my channel lists. Should I turn off auto updates? I hope someone on here can help me sort out this problem, thanks for any assistance:)

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