Troubleshooting Beogram 9500

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      Hi all,

      My Beogram 9500 decided to stop working today. -Yesterday all was hunky-dory, today dead.

      I hope I can get a few ideas on how to fix things, I am based in the US so no repair shop nearby. -It is a US version Beogram 9500

      This is the situation:

      When I press Play the platter start to rotate
      a.     The platter starts to rotate
      b.     The tone arm says 33 or 45
      c.     The tone arm does not move towards the platter
      d.     The tone arm lower down, as it would if there was a record.

      Checking the tone arm moving left/right
      a.     The move left function does not move the tone arm, the platter starts to rotate and search light goes on. There is a clicking going on like switching on something there do not activate.
      b.     The move right function does not move the tone arm, but the search light goes on.

      Checking “manual” start
      a.     If I, my hand, move the tone arm over the platter/record and press play. The platter starts to rotate for then stopping, the tone arm does not go down it just “hang” there.

      I hope someone have an idea on how to fix this problem. As said all was great yesterday.

      I had it for full service 2 years ago, where everything was checked and adjusted etc. Even got a new cartridge fitted, not that it makes a difference here.

      Thanks in advance and hope I can get this beauty up running again.


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        It’s likely that the tensioned string that moves the arm has broken or come untracked. There are instructions at the end of the service manual at

        on replacing and adjusting.

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          Thanks a lot I will look into that.

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            Thank you so much it worked.

            However, I do think I need a new string as I think its original. Also need a new drive belt.

            Any idea on when to get that in a good quality ?


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              Glad it worked out. I don’t know about a new string but belts and other spare parts are reliably available from  If you can’t find the “string” you can make a new one using tuning dial cord.

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