The RX2 TT : tell me about yours plz

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      I’m looking into vintage HiFi and love the RX2 design like crazy

      Are these late-1980s produced tables prone to trouble ? Are motors/belts and circuits available for replacement(as needed) ? I am seeing cartridge replacement as pricey but still available . . . but these players are so beautiful. I sort of care less about their ultimate fidelity as my main stereo and all the vinyl are downstairs in the music room. We just need one in our midcenturymod living room & it would be cool if it actually played records


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        I have a Beogram 5500 which is not exactly the same as RX2 but it was made roughly around the same era. As far as cartridges go, you are correct. They are expensive but they can be found.

        Other than that, my TT has been working flawlessly for quite some time now so I’d say these things were built to last.

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          They are excellent decks.
          Parts here.


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            No big issues on these in my experience. The motors can make ticking noises but this can be remedied, and I’ve had a similar Beogram 2000 do some odd things when dirt got behind the front panel and into its start/stop switch but other then that, they’re pretty reliable.

            Lovely decks – go on, treat yourself!

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              I have and use three of them in the house.  One I have owned since new in 1991.  That one is on its second cartridge but still all original other parts, including belt.  My youngest daughter’s deck had to have a new belt.  No problem finding the part.

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                my table arrived yesterday . . . damaged unfortunately

                tonearm issue

                assuming that here a tonearm replacement is needed. I do have the working mmc4 to attach to it when repaired . . . disappointed though for certain


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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