Stereo sound from a mono speaker?

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    Hi Beoworlders,

    Please join me to find out how Bang & Olufsen have obtained stereo sound from a mono speaker! It is amazing to see what is possible when B&O’s 21st century technology is used with this 90 year old discovery:

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      Nice video, Steve. Would be great to hear more technical topics like this one! Speakers built with mid-side processing are really fun to listen to.

      Is the center transducer really a coax on the 20? That would be an epic upgrade in case B&O decided not to carry over the whizzer-coned 5″ fella found in the 15 and 17.

      Here’s a shot from a BeoLit 15:

      Beolit 15 woofer

      Not that this woofer is bad at all – rather the best part of the BeoLit probably. Check out that motor!
      BeoLit 20 insides

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        Would be nice to know which other Play speaker can work this way.

        For obvious reasons you can not expand the inner ring with the M3…….but what about the M5, since it has more drivers?



        Thanks Evan and MM,

        Glad the video was helpful, I will certainly look to make more of these in the future.

        The guys I spoke to at B&O referred to the 5 inch driver as a full range co-axial unit, they said it is the same as used in the earlier Beolit versions.  I will have to open up my Beolit to check!

        Each B&O speaker works differently, I don’t think the M3 has the capability to offer this type of processing.  I will look to cover some of the other speakers in upcoming videos.

        Please let me know if you have any specific topics that you would like me to cover in future videos!

        Kind regards, Steve.

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